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Upgrade your hair color using the innovative Hello Bubble Hair Dye. Discover an array of fresh shades recently introduced for you to select from. Experience vibrant and enduring colors without the worry of staining.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Put on the gloves and cape.
  2. Unseal Solution 2 and combine its entirety with Solution 1 and the Double Bonding Ampoule from Solution 3. Seal the cap securely, ensuring the pump is tightly closed.
  3. Delicately swirl the bottle around 20 times using circular motions, ensuring thorough blending of the contents.
  4. Position the container on a level surface. Gently depress the pump with your palm to dispense 3-4 pumps of the solution.
  5. Apply the foam uniformly onto your hair, akin to how you apply shampoo. Allow it to rest for approximately 20-30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off with water.

What's Included:

Hair dye (30g) + Oxidizer (60g) + Double bonding ampoule (5g) + Single-use gloves and protective gown.


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